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Marine Operations Manager

The Marine Operations Manager will provide crucial leadership in overseeing and coordinating all aspects of marine operations within the company, predominately operating a fleet of Tug and Barges conducting marine logistics services throughout East Africa.

October  2023

Maast Maritime Kenya Ltd is pleased to announce that, further to its acquisition in December 2022 of five Kenyan Comarco Group companies, as of 1st October 2023, the acquired companies will trade under the new brand name Maast Maritime.

Maast Maritime Kenya is a wholly owned subsidiary of Maast Maritime Group DMCC, a newly formed UAE company supported by Fujax Group Ltd, a British commodities trading group with operations throughout Africa and Asia.

Maast Maritime Kenya is a wholly owned subsidiary of Maast Maritime Group DMCC, a newly formed UAE company ...

August  2023

Maast Mobilises Ngamia Jack-Up to Support Offshore Gas Wellhead Workover Program in Tanzania

Maast Maritime Kenya recently mobilised a self-elevating work platform from Mombasa to Mnazi bay in Tanzania to support an offshore gas wellhead workover program.

The project demonstrates the company's ability to service the needs of oil and gas operators in the region and comply with the most stringent health, safety, and environmental standards.

July  2023

Coal Import Through Private Port Terminal Facility in Mombasa

Earlier in the year we handled the first shipment of coal through our private port terminal facility in Mombasa.

The coal was barged directly from Mtwara, Tanzania and unloaded at the facility, where it was temporarily stored and then loaded out onto trucks for the end customer.

April 2021

Salvage of Stricken Vessel

In February of this year a large storm struck a fishing vessel in the Indian Ocean causing it to capsize.

The insurers contacted Maast to conduct a recovery and retrieval of the vessel which was eventually secured off the coast of Madagascar. With the support of the Kenya Ports Authority, Maast secured the vessel at its private port facility before righting it for inspection and scrapping.

November 2022

Pleasure Craft Overhaul

We recently had the opportunity to provide our marine logistics and port operations services to a pleasure craft overhaul project.

Project required the vessel to be removed from the water and placed on the quay for access to necessary equipment and resources.

Our team worked closely with the pleasure craft owners and maintenance team to provide efficient and reliable service throughout the entire process.

April 2021

Comarco delivers cargo handling equipment to Lamu port

Tug Comarco Swift and C321 flat-top barge delivered assorted equipment for cargo handling and navigation to Lamu port.

Equpiment delivered includes four Kalmar terminal tractors, eight skeletal trailers, one 25- tonne forklift, one five-tonne forklift, two low bed trailers, four spreaders amd one over-height spreader.

February 2020

Bandari Maritime Academy Students on Work Study Tour at Comarco Port

The excursion was attended by 40 Bandari Maritime students, studying for a variety of occupations from Deck Officers to Engine Room Officers. The tour was designed to give students first hand exposure to the practical application of their intended career paths. 

January 2020

Comarco Kestrel has mobilised to Mocimboa da Praia, Mozambique

Comarco Kestrel has mobilised from the Comarco Port Terminal in Mombasa Kenya to Mozambique, having been chartered by an IOGP Major, to relocate infrastructure assets from Port Pemba and Mocimboa da Praia further North.

November 2019

Comarco has signed a contract with Zarara Oil & Gas

Comarco has signed a contract with Zarara Oil & Gas for the delivery of fuel oil and potable water to its drill site at Pate Island in Northern Kenya using its 1000 dwt landing craft Kestrel.

November 2019

Extension of contract to provide offshore and supply base services to ENI Kenya B.V.

Comarco Group is pleased to confirm the extension of its contract to provide offshore and supply base services to ENI Kenya B.V. Limited at its private port terminal in Mombasa.

November 2019

NEMA and Mantrad Ltd visit at Comarco Private Port Terminal

Field visit at Comarco Supply Base (EPZ) Ltd by National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and Mantrad Ltd.

October 2019

Occupational First Aid Training

Comarco Group prioritizes staff training and has put in place robust training and development programs in keeping with its commitment to upholding first class HSE standards.

October 2019

Office Management and Effective Administration Skills Workshop

In line with Comarco Group’s training policy under the umbrella of Human Resource Development Process, the Management advocates for its employees to attend in-house, off base, regional and international training seminars and workshops to enable our employees to keep abreast with the developing office management trends.

September 2019

Comarco moves KPA RTG’s in Port of Mombasa, Kenya

Kenya Ports Authority contracted Comarco to transfer four Rubber Tyre Gantries (RTGs) from one section of the port to another.

The process required careful planning with the timing of the tides and ballasting of the barge for the RTGs to be driven on and subsequently off the barge Comarco 232, assisted by tugs Comarco Swift and Comarco Osprey, onto the quayside.


Emergency salvage in Comoros

Comarco was contracted to remove sunken top loader blocking the quay in Mutsamudu Port, Comoros.

The situation for the port of Mutsamudu was such that no vessels could come alongside resulting in all cargo movement into and out of the port being disrupted and halted and as such required a swift solution.

The operation was completed during one tide cycle with the port operations able to resume on the same day.

July 2019

Comarco Group receives consent to designate Mombasa facility as a Private Port Terminal

Comarco Group has obtained the consent of the Kenya Revenue Authority to gazette its Mombasa port terminal area as an entry and export area for customs purposes by the Commissioner of Customs and Border. This will open up considerable business opportunities for the Comarco Group in future.

March 2019.

Exalo Rig Load Out

COMARCO has been contracted by EXALO to provide berthing, lifting and shorehandling and stevedoring services.

Exalo had three rigs working in Uganda, which have completed their tasking and are being exported back to Poland for refurbishment and deployment elsewhere.

February 2019.

Stevedoring at Sea

Transhipment of three out of gauge, heavy lift items of equipment for Base Titanium.

Bollore heavy lift trailers were rolled onto barge C231 at the Comarco Base and secured. The barge was subsequently positioned by tug Comarco Swift alongside the project cargo vessel BBC Nagasaki in Kilindini Harbour.

April 2018.

Transporting oil field equipment from Mombasa to Kuwait for US company Swanberg International

The oil field equipment was stored, serviced and repaired at Comarco Supply Base EPZ, loaded across the private wharf and destined to work moving rigs in Kuwait.

January 2017.

Assembling and installation of three mooring buoys in Kilindini Harbour, Mombasa

Comarco has been contracted by JGH Marine of Denmark to assemble and install three mooring buoys in Kilindini Harbour, Mombasa. The buoys were fabricated by JGH Marine to upgrade vessel mooring capacity for ...

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