Comarco moves KPA RTG’s in Port of Mombasa, Kenya

25 September 2019

Kenya Ports Authority contracted Comarco to transfer four Rubber Tyre Gantries (RTGs) from one section of the port to another.

The process required careful planning with the timing of the tides and ballasting of the barge for the RTGs to be driven on and subsequently off the barge Comarco 232, assisted by tugs Comarco Swift and Comarco Osprey, onto the quayside.

Upon loading of each RTG onto the barge this was sea fastened for sailing to the new berth. Once at the new location preparations were completed, waiting on the right tide level, in order to drive the RTG off the barge to its new location in the port.

The operation was carried out between 20 September to 24 September 2019.

There was great teamwork and synchronisation between KPA and Comarco allowing for a smooth and safe operation to be successfully completed.

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