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Lifting Equipment (Cranes & Forklifts), Trucks & Trailers, Earth Moving Plant

Lifting Equipment (Cranes & Forklifts)

Maast has a variety of crawler cranes, truck cranes and rough terrain cranes from 50 t capacity to 250 t capacity and a fleet of forklifts ranging from 3 t to 16 t of varying configurations.

Crawler Crane

Kobelco 7250

250 t

Rough Terrain Crane

Terex RT780

72 t

Truck Crane


50 t

Rough Terrain Artic. Boom

Haulette HA16PX

16.5 m


Tall Mast

Hyster H16XM-6

16 t

Tall Mast


15 t

Short mast

Hyster H5.0FT

5 t

Normal mast

Clark CMP230D

3 t

Short mast

Hyster H3.0FT

3 t

Trucks & Trailers

The haulage fleets of Maast include standard prime movers with trailers for moving loads up to 150 t.

Prime Mover

Scania 143

450 hp

Prime Mover

Beiben 4250

360 hp

Prime Mover

Mitsubishi Fuso

350 hp

14 axles 56 wheels

Cometto Trailer

150 t

2 axles 8 wheels

Trabosa Flatbed

35 t

4 axles 16 wheels

Humpton Lowbed

60 t

Earth Moving Plant

Maast has a wheel loaders with special attachments for marine work and cargo handling.

Wheel Loader


5 t

Wheel Loader


5 t

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