Office Management and Effective Administration Skills Workshop

13 October 2019

In line with Comarco Group’s training policy under the umbrella of Human Resource Development Process, the Management advocates for its employees to attend in-house, off base, regional and international training seminars and workshops to enable our employees to keep abreast with the developing office management trends.

Additionally our policy provides for on-the-job-training, skills upgrading, attachments and exchange visits promoting employees to gain exposure, new ideas and skills that will increase their professional competence.

Investing in our employee’s development has created a sense of appreciation and validation that has translated into higher performance and employee retention.

Most recently one of our long serving employee, Ms. Nuru S. Hamed attended an office management and effective administration skills workshop, held on 11th – 12th October in Nairobi, Kenya, organised by Peve Comms Solutions Ltd.

Ms. Hamed has over her 23 years of experience gained plenty of relevant experience and well-developed skill sets in both administrative and management roles.

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