Occupational First Aid Training

31 October 2019

Comarco Group prioritizes staff training and has put in place robust training and development programs in keeping with its commitment to upholding first class HSE standards.

In the area of occupational first aid training this includes employees consistently testing and building upon their experience and background knowledge in order to meet and exceed quality standards.

“Hands-on” in-house training classes under expert instructors are carried out bringing employees together in one room, helping them to develop capacity through sharing and replicating best practices.

Course Objectives

  • To define First Aid
  • Understand aims of First Aid
  • Identify priorities when dealing with the sick and the injured (Triage)
  • Manage the scene of an accident accordingly (Scene Assessment / Survey)
  • How to manage unconscious casualties
  • Diagnosis and treatment of injuries and sudden illnesses
  • Learn the content of First Aid Kits
  • Understand the legal requirements as per OSH Act
  • Learn how to record and report incidents at the workplace
  • Learn how to make entries in the incidence record book
  • How to evacuate casualties from prominent dangers

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