Bandari Maritime Academy Students on Work Study Tour at Comarco Port Terminal

01 February 2020

The excursion was attended by 40 Bandari Maritime students, studying for a variety of occupations from Deck Officers to Engine Room Officers. The tour was designed to give students first hand exposure to the practical application of their intended career paths. 

The student’s tour through Comarco’s yard exposed them not only to work related equipment and machinery, with practical demonstrations in situ but also interaction with the skilled operators at their respective works stations. This interface allowed for the added dimension of feedback from current practitioners in the workplace.

By touring the whole yard students also had the opportunity to see other skills sets that they could acquire which would serve to enhance their future value in the workplace.

For the students the ability to see first hand the practical applications of the theory obtained in their lecture halls served not only as knowledge reinforcement but also as exciting transition from theory to practical.

There was also the added, often overlooked, dimension of the close quarters in which ship’s personnel are expected to work.

The time spent on the vessel Comarco Swift, currently undergoing maintenance, was a particularly popular element of the tour, as life on board a vessel became a tangible reality.

Relationships such as Comarco and Bandari’s, forge a myriad of mutually beneficial situations and allow us, as a country, to build our way to an efficient and effective Blue Economy.

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