About Maast Maritime

Maast Maritime was established as the Comarco Group in Mombasa, Kenya in 1971 before expanding its range of activities and area of operations to working throughout the Indian Ocean and along the entire eastern Africa seaboard and interior.

Further to the acquisition of a number of Comarco Group companies in December 2022 by the UAE based Maast Maritime Group, company adopted the Maast Maritime brand in October 2023.

Maast Maritime operates throughout Asia and Africa providing services by sea and river, over beaches and on land to the oil industry, offshore and onshore projects, construction and logistics organisations using more than 51 years of experience and know-how.

Maast is now a leading marine and specialized contractor, with over fifty years experience in the region, owning and operating its own port terminal, fleet of tugs, barges, supply vessels and specialized equipment for offshore, close shore and beach operations.

Over 50 Years Experience

From the transport of a Parker Drilling rig from Somalia across the beach in southern Tanzania for AGIP in 1978 to the loading, to first shipment of coal through our private port terminal facility in June 2023 , Maast has transported in excess of 10 million revenue tons of cargo using a combination of tugs, barges, landing craft, OSVs and conventional vessels.

Skilled and Experienced Workforce

By virtue of their many years in the industry, the Maast Maritime is able to call upon and provide a skilled and experienced workforce including ship crews, marine offshore and onshore superintendents; HSE supervisors; stevedores and riggers; operators and drivers; welders and artisans.

Maast Maritime Private Port Terminal, Mombasa

Maast Maritime Port Terminal is a privately owned harbour fronting yard, which lies approximately 2 km from Mombasa Port and 1 km from the city centre.

The Base totals approx. 16 acres including over 40,000 m² of open storage, 2,000 m² of covered storage space, office space and facilities, cargo handling equipment and a certified weighbridge that combine to offer a range of services in the area.

Powered Vessels


Maast owns the fleet of tugs, AHTS's, OSVs and Utility Vessels.

Landing & Utility Crafts

Selection of utility craft ranging from fibreglass work boats, self-propelled barges to crew transport vessels, to a robust steel hull catermeran craft for intertidal work.

Unpowered Vessels


Maast's fleet of unpowered vessels range from small work platforms, cargo barges to flat top barges used for a variety of offshore works.

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