Gantry Crane Assembly for Liebherr Container Cranes

April 2016.

Maast Maritime completed the crane construction contract for Liebherr Container Cranes at the Maast Terminal.

Maast have been providing the personnel, lifting equipment (with the assistance of two Hareket cranes) and space required to fabricate the cranes as well as the barge and tugs needed to move the cranes from the Comarco Supply Base to Berth 19 in the main Mombasa Port.

Over the course of the project Liebherr constructed a total of three cranes in the base and mobilised them to the port. Final crane was delivered in the first week of May.

The project serves to highlight the diverse nature of the work done on the Maast Terminal as well as Maast’s ability to provide a wide range of professional services for our clients.

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