Maast offers a variety of dedicated and integrated services, to leading local and international companies.

Marine and Specialised Logistics

Maast has a proven history of providing safe, innovative and reliable marine solutions to unique and challenging requirements including:

General Marine Transport

General marine transport of all kinds, including containerised, break-bulk and bulk cargos, using owned and chartered vessels of all types.

Customised Transport Solutions

Customised marine transport services by tug, barge, LCT and conventional vessels, including chartering of ocean-going vessels, to provide bespoke quay to beach, beach to beach and quay to quay solutions.

Beach Landings

Loading and offloading any cargo across the beach including the use of the Exposed Beach Operating System (EBOS™) and Safe Beach Operating System (SBOS™) developed by Maast.

Lightering, Transhipping and Stevedoring at Sea

Lightering, transhipping, and stevedoring at sea solutions for all cargo types from vessel to barge including bulk, breakbulk, rigs, project, and heavy lift, at anchorage or alongside the quay.

Instant Ports

Providing rapidly established, eco-friendly beach landing sites, enabling the delivery of any cargo from anywhere in the world to specific remote locations.

Beach, Foreshore and Near Shore Cargo

Handling of all types of cargos on and off barges, over the beach and across the foreshore using trucks and trailers, conveyors, forklifts, and cranes.

Vessel Charter and Supply Runs

Vessel charters on time or voyage basis, including fuel, cargo and materials transport to remote locations both onshore and offshore.

Heavy Lift Marine Transportation

Providing the expertise and equipment, both owned and chartered, for safe and reliable heavy lift marine transportation and logistics services for port cranes, project cargo, offshore construction, and offshore modules.

Offshore Pipe Transport

Supervising, loading and providing customised marine transport solutions for coated and bare pipe delivered directly to offshore lay barge.

Salvage, Deep Sea & Emergency Towage

Deep sea towage, emergency towage and salvage of vessels and cargo using dedicated equipment and experienced crew and masters.

Port Terminal

Maast operates from one of the largest private shore base within East Africa and provides a variety of general and marine contracting services throughout the Indian Ocean, including:

Private Port Terminal

Dedicated berthing at a harbour fronted private port terminal in Mombasa, offering private stevedores and well-maintained equipment to handle bulk and breakbulk cargo as well as rigs and project cargo.

Supply Base Management

Operating a fully equipped, managed, and resourced EPZ supply base in Mombasa, Kenya with dedicated berthing, warehousing and open storage.

Shipyard Services

Well-furnished workshops with experienced management and work force to undertake the maintenance and repair of owned and third-party vessels and equipment.

Marine Construction

Including: Construction of jetties, quays, and sea walls. Assembly and installation of aids to navigation. Piling and dredging. Bathymetric, geotechnical, topographical surveys. Subsea pipeline installation.

Subsea Services

IACS approved dive spreads, equipment and divers offering a full scope of underwater work, including construction work, pipelines, blasting, welding, cleaning, hull/propeller cleaning and inspection services.

Heavy Lifts and Haulage

Providing mobile and crawler cranes up to 270 t capacity and multi axle trailers up to 500 t capacity.

Specialised Plant, Machinery & Equipment

Maast owns and operates a large fleet of earthmoving plant, construction equipment, trucks, forklifts and cranes, all of which are available for project support or independent hire.

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