Songo Song Island Jetty Project

June 2016.

The project has been sanctioned by the Office of the Prime Minister in order to provide safe and reliable docking facilities for the island's fishing and passenger boats.

The island has a relatively small population of around 5000 people; but it has significant importance to the economy of Tanzania as a consequence of the discover and extraction natural gas, both from onshore and offshore platforms surrounding the island.

The jetty has been successfully completed and handed over to the client and it has started full operation of serving the local community.

The project commenced in January 2015 and it involved the following major works:

  • Rehabilitation of existing short jetty
  • Extension of the jetty to reach about 80m from the shore line
  • Installation break water
  • Dredging of the jetty surrounding to enable a 2m draft at the lowest tide.
  • Supply and installation of jetty fixtures such as bollards, fenders, ladders etc.
  • Installation of lighting
  • Construction of office and other facilities
  • Landscaping and paving works for the jetty access

The successful completion of the project has enabled the Comarco Group to add to its burgeoning marine construction experience achieved over the past 45 years.

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