Anadarko Rig Move

May 2014.- Mocimboa da Praia, Mozambique

Comarco successfully completes the transport and landing of the 17,000m3 H&P drilling rig and camp at Mocimboa da Praia, Mozambique.

After mobilizing all vessels and equipment from Mombasa to Mocimboa da Praia the rig was discharged from ship to barges using the ship’s gear at the Mocimboa da Praia anchorage. Once loaded, the barges were then towed to the Mocimboa da Praia beach head before being beached with the assistance of the shallow draft tug KMC Bongo. Once securely alongside the barge’s cargo was lifted using Comarco’s cranes and loaded onto specialized oil field trucks before being lashed and transported to the drilling site.

Comarco also shipped the 5,000m3 rig camp from Dubai to Mocimboa da Praia before again discharging to barges using the ships gear and subsequently beaching and offloading with Comarco’s cranes at the Mocimboa da Praia temporary beach head.

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